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Original photography on website by:  Daniel Nicoletta and Efren Rameriz

Harvey Milk Foundation logo by:  Boone Platt and Lisa Sanders

Harvey Milk Day logo variation by:  Jan Stevens (Redmond Business Solutions) and Gregory Varnum (VarnEnt)

Photograph in logos by:  Daniel Nicoletta
Mr. Nicoletta graciously donated the rights to use this photograph to the Harvey Milk Foundation in order for Boone Platt and Lisa Sanders to design such a striking logo for the exclusive use of the Harvey Milk Foundation.
Mr. Nicoletta took many iconic pictures of Harvey Milk in the 1970s, and to secure copies or clearances of his work you can visit for more information.

Steering Committee at time of launch:  Anne Kronenberg (Co-Chair), Nicole Murray Ramirez (Co-Chair), Stuart Milk (Harvey Milk Foundation), Michael Colby (Harvey Milk Foundation), Kerry Chaplin, Kelli Hannaford, Seth Heitzenrater, Patrick Holstine, Justin Knighten, Lisa Sanders, Adam Seewer, Ira Spector, Allan Spyere, Julie Stern, Jan Stevens, AJ Turner, and Gregory Varnum